stood there for like five minutes like yooooooooo


game of that didn’t happen in the books


have an adventure today | (• ◡•)| ✧ (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) 

this fucking trash show


“Hurry,” she was whispering now, “quickly, quickly, now, do it now, do me now. Jaime Jaime Jaime.” Her hands helped guide him. “Yes,” Cersei said as he thrust, “my brother, sweet brother, yes, like that, yes, I have you, you’re home now, you’re home now, you’re home.” She kissed his ear and stroked his short bristly hair. 

- A Storm of Swords, Jaime VII

A+ ability to read. Very accurate. Good adaptation.


new go-to insult

Make Me Choose: Atlantis: the Lost Empire or Treasure Planet


im disgusted because that was a device for “hey you know what would be fucked up? this show isnt fucked up enough, we need to WOW our viewers more. theyre getting bored of all the naked women and gore. lets have a character act completely out of character and rape his sister/lover next the body of their dead son. yeah, how dark!”

man fuck this and fuck this show and fuck HBO for sprinkling so much sexual violence in a show just to keep things “edgy”. its not fucking edgy, its not necessary, LETS STOP RAPING WOMEN AND KILLING WOMEN AND TORTURING WOMEN AND CALLING IT EDGY 


Game of Thrones S04E03